Studio de l'Hacienda, 69 - Tarare
Dogs had recorded their last albums here..
Cordial reception, excellent quality of sound and kindly presence of Jean Gamet

An excellent french web forum about music.
Slade is THE webmaster.
Punk rock band from Rouen - Produced by Dominique.
Reggae band from Rouen - Bruno plays drums.
Rock'n'roll label - Dogs appear on the Tribute to Lee Brilleaux albums.
Rock'n'roll label from Montpellier.
Jacques Stompboxes - THE specialist in effects and pedals.
An underground punk web site from LA.

L'ENTRE-POT - The concert-hall in Grenoble - Dogs recorded parts of their last album and a video.
The most beautiful concert-hall in Lyon.
Excellent acoustics of the hall, of the reception and of ... the beer.
Radio Dio - THE radio from Saint Etienne, libertarian and rock n' roll.
Radio Canut 102.2 - The most rebellious radio in Lyon,
and most particuliarly the Boomerang Emission with Michel.
Collectif Rhône Alpes des Radios d'Expression.
Free Rock n' roll Radios Association.
Electro-pop-rock group - Friends of us.

Tupelo Soul
Rock band from Rouen.
Christian plays guitar and Bruno beats the drums.
Other rock band from Rouen - Dominique plays guitar.
Freddy Lynxx / Corner Gang
Rock n' roll... - Laurent plays sometimes with them.
Gene Clarksville
Yves (Buzz), Pierre, Michel...
Our FRIENDS from the FNAC Records Shop in Lyon.
THE fan of the Dogs - Guitarist in L'ENTREPRISE (O7 Annonay - France)