Summer 2005 : a "Tribute to The Dogs" is coming soon.
November 2003 : a 1977-2003 compilation is in preparation.
September : "Different" and "Walking Shadows" reissues (Universal).
Bonus : "Charlie was a good boy" and "Go where you want to go..."


May 13th 2003, 20 h, EXO 7 - Rouen.

With :

The DOGS :
Michel Gross, Paul Péchenart, François Camuzeaux, Hugues de
Portzamparc, Antoine Masy-Périer, Christian Rosset, François Godefroy, Bruno Lefaivre, Laurent Ciron.

Gilles Tandy, Chainsaw, Césium, Robin Wills (Barracudas) and Chris
Wilson (Flamin' Groovies), Alain de Nardis and some members from Grand West, Carol Croft and Pimento, Philippe Almosnino and Didier Wampas (Wampas), Little Bob, Rémy Genty and The Égoïstes, Louise Féron, Frandol (ex Roadrunners)...

February 2003, "Too Much Class" reissue (SONY).

A DVD is in preparation. It will contains "road movie" about the US and European Tour, a concert from Grenoble in France and some documents and clips.
DOGS will play in the USA during September and October (see Concerts)
DOGS will tour in Germany and Czechoslovakia during November (see Concerts).
April 23th : DOGS played two titles "Dreadful time" and "Back on the horse" during the TV Show "Les Mots de Minuit".
French band Sonic Reducer recorded their own EP whith "Charlie was a good boy" on side A.
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Very good criticisms of the Live Album in Juke box Magazine, Rock & Folk and Rock Sound.
DOGS will tour in february and march 2002 (Spain and France). Dates in page "Concerts"...
Saturday October 19th, the DOGS gave a very good concert in Rennes (see report on Concerts page)
Enfin !  

The live album of the DOGS "Short, Fast and Tight" brought out on August 23th at M10.
It contents 29 titles recorded during the last four years.
Titles were mixed by Manu Gares in the Hacienda Studios in Tarare.
Manu has already worked on the live titles of the previous album.
The sound is excellent and majority of pieces wich DOGS play on stage answer the roll-call.
Promo CD edited by the Dogs Connection turns currently on the waves of the "FeraRock Radios". Programme : interview of Laurent and live titles.

Additionally, and for our greater pleasure, the LIVE has a very good reception (salers, critics and fans...).


The monthly magazine Rock & Folk devoted some pages to our preferred group.
A two pages file is indeed available in the June issue.
Beautiful photography of F. Demescence and interview (too short) of Dominique.


DOGS on TV !
On Canal Jimmy, Friday April 13th, Dogs played in the Rock Press Club, presented by Philippe Manoeuvre. The emission was devoted to David Bowie.
The boys played live, two titles of the Thin White Duke : Sufragette city and Hang on to yourself.

Video K7 of a concert given at the Entrepot in Grenoble (France) during the 1999's tour should be edited.

Dominique also plays guitar in Chainsaw of Rouen.
A 6 titles cd brought out last year...





and recently a single.

Dominique also produced Césium's album. Césium is a young punk rock band from Rouen.
Christian and Bruno currently prepares a new album of Tupelo Soul.

Bruno plays drums with Kinkeliba, a Reggae band which has already brought out an album last year.